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BMW airhead rocker geometry

Finally getting to the meaty end of the salt racer build. While the crank is off getting balanced with the new pistons and rods, I had a look at the rocker geometry. With the high lift cam (about 12mm at the valve) and recessed valve seats the geometry did not look good. With valve fully […]

frame painted! – bike going back together

Feeling like I’m on the home straight…frame is painted in special ‘skrunkwerks’ golden grey (stolen from Mercedes and tinkered with!). Lots of werk fillet brazing and filling the various gussets to achieve a sculpted look. The engine case is painted in a 2 pack mat black while top engine cover and rocker covers painted in […]

BMW saltracer gets a carbon bum

I’m 6″ tall. With my chin on the tank, my arse ends up a couple of seconds behind! The seat will be quite long as a result and the rear-sets even further aft. After playing around with pencil and paper getting proportions correct, I built a CAD 3D model, sliced it like a piece of […]

keeping the oil kule

icture this: An air cooled 1000cc motor screaming it’s heads off at 2000 RPM past its stock red line in the heat of a parched salt lake in the middle of a desert.  And how about the head in the helmet? Need to avoid heat stroke in any of these three heads! I’m using a […]

Airhead salt racer rear suspension geometry

ere’s a quick rundown of the process I went through in sorting the rear suspension geometry of the salt racer. First task was to calculate the shock specifications. I started manually calculating these with the help of a couple texts including Tony Foale’s tome on the subject: Motorcycling Handling and Chassis Design. Even though the […]

The business end

he frankenswingarm is finally looking like it should. Freshly powdercoated K100 17″ wheel; powdercoated R1100 RT swingarm; R1100S bevel drive; aftermarket carbon hugger for R1100S; Custom made adjustable torque arm. All grafted to the arse of an unsuspecting airhead.