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calculating CR – a simpler way

ere’s a method that involves little math compared with the conventional method as described here The following method involves bolting the head and cylinder together as an assembly on the bench using all-thread. Then carefully placing the piston in the cylinder at exactly where it would be if it were at top dead center (TDC) […]

Adapter flange twix airhead & oilhead

n adapter flange is needed between the output flange of the airhead gearbox and the drive shaft of the oilhead swing arm. The adapter has a round spigot that is press fit into the female spline of the uni-joint on the R1100 drive shaft. Then the adapter will be welded to the uni-joint. The adapter […]

Fixing busted head fins

I got a couple heads from a 1989 R100GS for the salt racer. These are the ones to have since they have the so-called ‘D ports’ and have larger intake spigots since they take 40mm Bings. Got them cheap because one of them was busted up: 4 broken fins, a cracked 6mm hole that takes […]

dyno almost complete

The dyno is almost complete. The Datamite 111 dyno system by Performance Trends is hooked up and loaded into the laptop and I have taken the first trial runs. All that remains is to calibrate the dyno and hook up the brake caliper. Oh, and the small matter of building a room around it!

airhead salt racer gets stiffed!

There’s a certain satisfaction in hacking tons of detritus and redundant bits off a frame – a bare canvas on which to plonk your own detritus and redundant bits! Effectionally known as the ‘rubber cow’ the airhead frame is well known for it’s elastic nature.  BMW, in their wisdom, took the lengendary Norton Featherbed concept […]

dyno deck

The deck frame is made from 40x40x3 angle and 40×3 box tube and the deck itself is 5mm aluminimum chequerplate. The legs can be bolted to the floor.

dyno frame – the module

he frame for the roller module gets a look-in now. The frame is made from 75x75x6 box section and will be eventually bolted to the floor. A bracket for the brake calliper was fabricated and the pillow block bearings are standard 60mm UC212 units. The deck is 5mm aluminium chequerplate. The bearings are induction heated […]