Mal Hewett’s Vincent salt racer

S Self built, Vincent based, he’s scooped a couple records in the Vintage class at both Lake Gairdner and Bonneville. Love the man and his machine.

ABC did a short piece on him:

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  1. ray
    ray says:

    Really grouse photo 🙂

    But you have to be at the Lake when they start it on the rollers. Pure music.

    Many tks to this crew for great memory of 2013.

    (How about flogging some Vincent T-shirts at the next DLRA speedweek ?)

      • Mal Hewett
        Mal Hewett says:

        Hey Adrian,
        Mal Hewett here, you will see and hear it at lake Gairdner in 5 weeks time. Lots of mods and changes to the beast 🙂

        • adrian
          adrian says:

          Hi Mal,
          Nice to hear from you! That’ll make Lake Gairdner an even bigger treat. Looking forward to catching up and seeing your machine strut it’s stuff!
          BTW: I’ve pulled the pin on the hot motor build. Will continue for Lake Gairdner 2016. Using Luftkopf#1 motor for 2015 which will only be a few more HP than stock. Figure there’ll be lots to learn on first attempt regardless..


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