PTS flow bench build

The design of this bench evolved from a forum of enthusiasts with many succesful examples built. After building the bench, I can certainly attest to the design and though I did not use all the electronic gadgets that were developed for the bench,  the ones that I did buy and use work very well.

Plans and parts can be purchased from PTS Flowbench Technology:
PTS hosts a very helpful forum for those that embark on the build.

Aside from the plans, here’s what I bought from PTS:

I didn’t go for the PTS digital manometer and software (by all accounts a fine unit) opting instead for the Performance Trends Port Flow analyser and black box which I am very happy with:

The main difference between the PTS Digital Mamometer and the Performance Trends Black Box is that the PTS flow sensor is a 16″ of H2O unit while the PT is a 10″ of H2O sensor. So you need to re-jig your calibration parameters to suit. I also opted for the 100″ test pressure sensor as my intention was to experiment with ‘floating depression’ tests where test pressures can get very high.

I built provision for 6 Ametek 19996-00 vacuum motors but only installed 4. This ended up delivering about 290cfm @ 28″ depression, which is plenty for the bikes I generally deal with – mainly classic BMW ‘airheads’. The shape of the cabinet was changed with a shorter portion of  sloping instrument panel that allows a larger bench area around the test hole.

I also made the orifice flow plates which are square edged without a bevel (Cd=0.61). To calibrate each of the orifice plates I made a set of test plates that were mounted on the test platten (where the head goes) and checked flow and test depressions against home-made mamometers that were tee-ed into the system for the calibration process.

Here’s the final product:

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Your build looks great. Did you go with a square edge plate to keep from having to reach inside and flip the plate when you switch from intake and exhaust?

    • adrian
      adrian says:

      Hi Carl,
      Yes the PTS motor controller does a good job of automatically adjusting the test depression back to whatever you choose as the valve is opened or closed. Works with the PT Black box no worries.


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