For the enjoyment of classic motorcycling enthusiasts everywhere, this page was re-instated by Colin's family on 28/06/2013. It remains unaltered as of the time shortly after Colin's death.

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We have lost Colin.

Colin Gordon Will

02/03/1951 - 10/04/2008

After an heroic struggle, Colin finally succumbed to cancer.
We will always remember him for the enthusiasm, skill and dedication he brought to his greatest passion - motorcycling in general and in particular, restoring the Corish Vincent to its former glory.

A gentleman at the track and a gentleman in life. You are greatly missed Colin.

Rebirth of an Australian Racing Legend

This site is dedicated to the people and machines that have made Australian racing history. Particularly to those who built and raced the specials that often took on the factory-works bikes to win.

Our intention is to document the ongoing history of a legend reborn; the Corish Norvin. A bike that once stormed the racetracks of Australia leaving people amazed: The sound of the Norvin coming down the straight at Winton, three quarters of a lap ahead of the field, was a sensory experience not quickly forgotten.

This site deals exclusively with the original Corish Norvin. Built in 1964 by Keith Corish, it was raced by his friend Eric Debenham until sold in 1971 to Lindsay Norris.

The bike was acquired by the author in early 2002. Since then, we have been intensively campaigning the bike, gradually gaining race experience so that the Corish Vincent will once more thrill crowds with the sound, sight and smell of an important part of Australia's racing heritage.




Eric Debenham absolutely flat out at Mt Panaroma circuit NSW in the unlimited B Grade race in 1969 where he consistently broke the lap record and finished second to Jack Ahearn due to a float bowl problem and timed at 165mph.

Hat trick! Our third consecutive Southern Classic win. more...


'but this black thing went out in front and left them all for dead'

(Quote from Australian Motorcycle Rider and Mechanic,
Number 11, 1972 by Peter Jones and Fredrick J. Smith.)

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